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JobMatchProfile automatically screens, compares, prioritizes and ranks all your applicants in accordance to professional skills and experience as well as personality, focus and attitudes – the most important factors for success. No other tool does that – really, scientifically proven.

We’ve created the easiest, fastest and most intelligent online tool on the market – to bring you the right candidates without having to read and review  tons of applications.

See what HR-director Jan Johannesen from Nic. Christiansen Group has to say about JobMatchProfile:

How do you match an attitude?

Our personality and attitude accounts for both our focus and our response in the work place. JobMatchProfile with ApplicantTracker is based on unique analysis models that are recognised world wide by organisational psychiatrists. Candidates’ replies to tested statements will place them in a personality Focus Model, enabling you to differentiate and match similarly qualified applicants.

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Unlimited recruitment for one, flat fee

Looking for talent in the right places has become easier with the advent of social media. But that also means more applicants and more information to make sense of and compare. Why not have JobMatchProfile take care of the pre-selection and ranking? And you can recruit for as many positions as you like.

There are no hidden fees. Only lots of benefits.

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Intelligent and time saving

Save time and resources finding the perfect match

Using JobMatchProfile to fill a position will save you hours of work. The ApplicantTracker performs highly complex categorisation and matching tasks, that could take you days. Days where you can focus on the main job and final interviews. With JobMatchProfile’s intelligent software to decipher, compare and match candidates on all parametres, you’re much more likely to hire the right candidate straight away. One that matches all your criteria.

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Our satisfied clients

30 years of experience in developing efficient tools and systems for HR-management is your guarantee for a job well done.

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What users say

In recruitment situations, using the Garuda assessment tools is an easy and objective way for both the applicant and the employer to describe the candidates´ strengths and weaknesses. The Garuda tools are universal and easy to interpret and apply.

Ole Johansson, Regional General Manager Asia & Pacific, Scandinavian Airlines System, Tokyo

Jobmatchprofile product is light years ahead of the systems I have previously worked with. Read more

Martin Solander, Experienced Recruiter

We are using Garuda for recruitment support as well as in team development. The Garuda personality analysis has turned out to be very precise and helpful when selecting the right person to bring on board.

Michael Standar, Country Manager & Rep. Director, ESAB K.K., Sweden

Sales partners

Become part of the JobMatchProfile worldwide success

We are looking for sales partners in all areas of the world. This is a great opportunity for companies with clients within the recruiting and HR-consulting sector to expand your business. Also, candidates with leadership and sales experience who want to start their own business or add to their present income are welcome to apply.



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Free ApplicantTracker when you sign up for JobMatchProfile!

Applicant Tracker is an add-on module for unsolicited applications to all areas of your business. Try it free for a whole year and see how easy it is to keep track of and respond to everyone.

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Finn Havaleschka, who founded Garuda Institute and is the brain behind all products in The Garuda Toolbox, is a constant source of inspiration and ideas at JobMatchProfile. We’ve now given him a blog. Shame to rescrict all that knowledge to our four walls, right? Finn shares his views on HR news and development based on his 30+ years’ experience within HR, organisational development and leadership. You can even sign up for the newsletter. If you do, we’ll send you Finn’s book ‘Focused Leadership’ free of charge.

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