About JobMatchProfile

Screen, compare and match candidates on both personality, attitude and professional qualifications easily and quickly.

About JobMatchProfile

Science with a human touch

We’ve created the easiest, fastest and most intelligent pre-selection and applicant tracking tool on the market, so you can find the perfect candidate without wasting time. We understand that HR is complex. And also, that it’s not just about qualifications.

JobMatchProfile screens, compares and matches candidates on both personality, attitude and professional qualifications, enabling you to match your candidate both to the team, the organisation and the job. And you don’t even need to install any software. JobMatchProfile works on all computers in your browser.

The built-in ApplicantTracker sorts, stores and responds to unsolicited applications for you, and keeps applicant profiles safe and available for when you need them. It’s that simple, really. An intelligent HR management tool based on advanced assessment and screening models, that takes all the time consuming administration away from you and produces a ranking of highly matched candidates, so you only have to deal with the top 3-5.

And it’s cost effective, too. You get unlimited recruitment at a yearly cost well below that of just one agency recruitment fee. Handle your entire company’s recruitment, saving money, time and resources while making perfect matches – every time. That’s JobMatchProfile.

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