- or how to keep track of unsolicited applicants!


Unsolicited applications can arrive at the most untimely moments – in the middle of your trade show, during a company merge or in the midst of the annual reviews. And yet, they are so important to respond to. Each represent a potential employee who really wants to work for you. That’s invaluable motivation right there.

That’s why we’ve developed ApplicantTracker. Via a link on your website, unsolicited applicants are guided through an easy application process and their details are stored and matched against any open positions in JobMatchProfile. The applicant instantly gets a thank you mail from the system and the option to receive mails whenever relevant positions open up.

You can set up any type of position in any type of department in ApplicantTracker to mirror all possible job opportunities in your organisation. That way, when an unsolicited application ticks in, it’s immediately matched towards open positions or kept on indexed file, ready for the next opening. It’s an ingenious and very simple tool to perform a very complex job.

With ApplicantTracker as an add-on to your JobMatchProfile you will be able to merge unsolicited applications with your pool of candidates for each job opening. And you will ensure that everyone receives a timely response – even when your thoughts are far from recruitment. That’s great employer branding.

The ApplicantTracker is:

  • Flexible
  • Efficient
  • Precise
  • Easy
  • Time-saving
  • Brand building

Try it free for a whole year when you start using JobMatchProfile – and see how easy applicant tracking can be!

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