Better software for Human Resources

Better software for Human Resources

Focus Human Resources

From now on you can expect a bit more from your HR software. Why not make sure that your HR resources are used where it really matters: finding and growing the best employees.

When setting up a job with JobMatchProfile, in 15 minutes you have:

  • Defined and prioritized requirements, skills and experience
  • Defined the ideal personality and work focus
  • Given full online access to people you want on your Selection Commitee
  • Searched for matches among your unsolicited applicants
  • Published the job

When the application process is over, you and your selection commitee is presented with ranked list of applicants. This means that you only have to focus on reading CVs and other uploaded material from 5 to 10 people on top of the list. Pick your candidates and invite them for interview, while simultaneously replying “Thank you, but…” to the rest.

Having used JobMatchProfile for defining the needed skills and experience and the ideal personality and work focus, you now have access to full reports on your candidates. This will help qualify the interviews, and enable you to hire the right person for your company.



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