Garuda Research Institute

30 years of experience in developing efficient tools and systems for HR-management.

Garuda Research Institute

Garuda Research Institute was founded in 1982 with a dream of empowering professional people through better communication, development and organisation. The institute’s research has led to the development of The Garuda Toolbox; a series of empowering tools facilitating better recruitment, teambuilding, leadership and organisation while saving resources.

Today, Garuda Research Institute is Scandinavia’s largest provider of interview tools for recruiting, leadership development and organisational development, and its methods and models are widely used by organisational psychologists.

The energy driving Garuda lies in the passion for constructing and refining metrics that can enable fruitful interviews and conversations. It lies in making sure that organisational and personnel decisions are based on a well informed and viable foundation, taking all human traits into account. JobMatchProfile is a direct descendant of this passion and has taken 5 years to develop.

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