How does it work?

The JobMatchProfile screens, ranks and administer applicants by matching your company’s specific requirements with all the candidates.

How does it work?

The typical JobMatch process consists of four steps

You choose how you want to weight – experience, education and personality. This way you avoid having to skim and read every single resume and application. All you have to do is focus on the list with the highest ranked, created by JobMatchProfile.

1. Think and enter

Develop the ideal profile of your new employee by defining the required professional competences and personal qualifications. It will take 10-15 minutes to enter the information into the system. Thereafter JobMatchProfile will generate a link for the advertisement.

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Setting up the ideal job profile requires 2 types of information of what is needed for the candidate to become successful in the position, i.e.:

  1. Key Competences
  2. Personality and Focus

Just follow the flow and you will have no problem in making the Job Profile in 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Place a link

The candidates will use the link to apply for the position. The link will guide them to a closed forum online, where they enter the data covering education and experience as well as complete the personality profile. At any time you can get an overview and see how many and whom have applied for the job.

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Candidates applying for the position come from three sources:

  1. From a link on the web site on which you have published the position
  2. From a web address published in the printed job advert
  3. From passwords issued individually by you

At any time you can log into the site and see whom and how many candidates who have applied. The candidates who fit the required competences and personality the best will be placed at the top of the ranking list.

3. Run a JobMatch

When the application deadline has passed you can rank all of the candidates. Those matching your requirement the best are listed on top. This way you yourself can decide how many you want at see at the first interview. In addition the system will give you and your colleagues, who are part of the hiring committee, the possibility of discussing each candidate internally.

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As soon as a candidate has filled in the required information, the system will automatically run a match. Comparison of information results in a benchmark of how well the candidates match the:

  1. Required key competences
  2. Ideal personal and focus

Within split seconds JobMatch can benchmark hundreds of candidates and rank them according to best fit regarding these crucial factors.

4. Goodbye and Hello

With the administration module you can, in a matter of seconds, e-mail rejections to hundreds of applicants. The saved time you can spend on welcoming the new employee.

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For example you can write different types of e-mail responses (standard as well as individual) to be sent automatically to selected groups of applicants, and by distributing a secure password you can invite members of selection committees into JobMatch to share information and evaluate candidates.

As something unique with JobMatchProfile you can establish different criteria for each applicant’s personal focus and thereby ways to approach and process problems. The JobMatchProfile is built on our method, which gives you a clear picture of how each candidate fits the open position in question, based on their personality.

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