Intelligent recruiting software – Hire the right candidate

Intelligent recruiting software – Hire the right candidate

Software enabling better hires

With JobMatchProfile you don’t have to settle for just saving time and paperwork as the only benefits of online recruiting software.

Apart from the ability to rank, prioritize and sort any requirement, skill and experience with our unique Star System, with JobMatchProfile you can decide which type of personality and work focus is ideal for the job you are hiring for.

This means that you can focus your reading of CV’s and cover letters to those who actually has the professional skills and experience as well as the right personality and work focus for the job. You are also ensured that you don’t miss those candidates who might not have all the right degrees or experience, but who has the just the right personality, energy and focus – for the job and your company.

Try it out. It’s on us. Unlimited free use of tracking, ranking and profile testing.

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