Our Method

JobMatchProfile is based on the Head-Heart-Leg method which enables organisations to map candidates in relation to all their qualities - both personal and professional

Our Method


A model of human traits and professional skills

The Head-Heart-Leg method takes into account that a candidate needs to fit an organisation three-dimentionally: With regards to intellectual work (Head), social skills (Heart) and execution (Legs). All three are equally important, but some aspects of a candidate’s qualities are harder to assess than others.

  • The Head Work: Where ideas and solutions are produced
  • The Heart Work: Where teamwork and social communication happens, and;
  • The Leg Work: Where things get done! Performance and execution.

But how do you produce the set of questions for candidates that will expose their qualities within each area in a comparable way? What are the criteria?

Based on thousands of studies and the Garuda Institute’s expertise in the psychology behind candidates’ selection and prioritisation between answers, we found the answer: The Head-Heart-Leg method exposed four significant personality archetypes, which could be weighted according to each position, team and organisation – and candidate.


JobMatchProfile is the operating system that applies this scientific method to your recruitment process. It’s science with a human touch – your guarantee that the candidate fits both the job, the team and your organisation.

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