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Welcome to the best thing that ever happened to applicant tracking, candidate selection and assessment. Why not join our success? With JobMatchProfile you can help recruiters and companies save time and money and provide the catalyst that enables the perfect match between candidate and company.

JobMatchProfile™ eases recruiters through the laborious phase of assessing and pre-selecting candidates: Sifting through endless applications all seemingly matching the professional requirements, but with no indication of the candidate’s personality and fit to the job’s team and way of working.

JobMatchProfile’s intelligent software, enables recrutiers to decipher, compare and match candidates on all parametres – also their social skills and their motivation. That’s why it’s so popular and a success you can be part of.

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Partner benefits

Becoming a JobMatch Sales Partner we will provide you with all you need to develop a successful business. Among other things, our Sales Support unit will provide you with:

  •  Tradeshow setup items like roll-ups, product folders, banners, posters, email collector app etc.
  • Online marketing support with coordinated and targeted Google AdWords campaigns and LinkedIn ads, plus a variety of web banners and a great social media setup to bring and share yours and our message.
  •  Possibility for future translation of the software into your language (Now available in English, French, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Slovakian)
  •  Brand manual / design manual with instruction to produce any JobMatchProfile material (business cards, stationary, email signatures etc.)
  •  Exclusive partner website with access to all materials (marketing, points of sale, research articles and much more) and communicating and sharing with other Partners
  •  Full Customer support –  telephone support, webinars and email support
  •  3 day course at our facility in Spain (mandatory). Here you will learn how and why the JobMatch Profile works, and experienced JobMatch Partners will inspire and teach you to develop a successful business
  •  Course in newsletters, how to design and run a successful campaign, access to newsletter design and content

Rest assured that no stone will be left unturned in our efforts to make you and the Garuda JobMatchProfile successful.

Contact us for a personal webinar about your partner possibilities: or give us a call on +45 87 46 86 00.

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Become a Sales Partner or Banner Partner

We are looking for sales partners in all areas of the world to become responsible for the sales and marketing of the Garuda JobMatchProfile™. Candidates with leadership and sales experience are welcome to apply. We are operating with two kinds of partners.

Sales Partners

Sales partners will become responsible for direct sales activities in a designated area. As a Sales Partner you will be supported by our team of experts in web marketing such as newsletters, e-mail marketing, search term optimization, Ad Words, banners and social media.

As Sales Partner you will participate in workshops learning in depth about the JobMatchProfile and how to promote the application in the most efficient way. To become Sales Partner we will ask for a deposit.

Your commission is 30% of generated sales.

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Banner Partners

If you have a web site frequently visited by our target group, that is leaders, recruiters and HR-professionals, we install a JobMatchProfile banner ad on your site and you will get a commission on all sales generated through your site.

Your only responsibility is to make people aware of the JobMatchProfile and generate leads. We will take care of support and service.

Your commission is 15% of generated sales.

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