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Get started with JobMatchProfile in 6 easy steps by watching our video guides and download the accompanying PDF's.

Video Guides

Step 1 – Job Details

Learn how to set up:

Title and short description of the job, language settings, link to your original job posting and which and how many documents you want your applicants to upload.

Download printable guide

Step 2 – Key Competencies

Fill in the Key Compentences:

Without your input and knowledge, we won’t get far. Which competences are you looking for? What is required to become a success in the position you are trying to fill?

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Step 3 – Job Profiles

Set up your priorities:

We’ll show you how to prioritise 24 sets of statements, the same way you would want the ideal candidate to do.

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Step 4 – Selection Commitee

Collaborate with your team:

The Selection Committee is an online communication platform that allows you to invite everybody involved in the recruitment process, and grant them online access.

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Step 5 – Publish Job

Publish your job:

By providing a simple link JobMatchProfile allows you to publish and share your jobs on all sorts of platforms and forums.

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Step 6 – ApplicantTracker

Future talent & speculative applicants:

Never miss or lose a speculative and unsolicited application and see how easy it is to engage future candidates.

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